Candidates to the post of President of Ukraine
Elections 31.10.2004
On : 12.08.2017 16:34:52
The total number of registered candidates to the post of President of Ukraine 26
The number of candidates to the post of President of Ukraine that have withdrawn from the ballot 2
The number of candidates to the post of President of Ukraine, that are taking part in ballot 24

Foto The Name of the candidate,
Information about the candidate
Oleksandr F. Bazyljuk
Slavonic Party
Boghdan F. Bojko
People's Movement of Ukraine for Unity
Mykhajlo Ju. Brodsky
Natalija M. Vitrenko
Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine
Vasyl O. Volgha
Political Party "Public Control"
Mykola F. Ghrabar
Ighor L. Dushyn
Liberal-democratic Party of Ukraine
Jurij I. Zbitnjev
All-Ukrainian Party "New Power"
Anatolij K. Kinakh
Party of Industrials and Intrepreneurs of Ukraine
Roman M. Kozak
Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in Ukraine
Serghij V. Komisarenko
Dmytro O. Korchynsky
Vladyslav A. Kryvobokov
People's Party of Depositors and of Social Protection
Oleksandr O. Moroz
Socialist Party of Ukraine
Volodymyr P. Nechyporuk
Oleksandr O. Omelchenko
Ukrainian Party "Unity"
Oleksandr M. Rzhavsky
All-Ukrainian Political Association "One Family"
Mykola V. Roghozhynsky
Petro M. Symonenko
Communist Party of Ukraine
Leonid M. Chernovecky
Andrij V. Chornovil
Viktor A. Jushhenko
Oleksandr M. Jakovenko
Communist Party of Workers and Peasants
Viktor F. Janukovych
Party of Regions

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